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We know that searching for the best companies to buy my house can be hard work. With so many property buyers to choose from how do you decide which company to sell to?

At National Property Buyers we offer a genuine route to sell your house fast and without all of the headaches. As leading UK property buyers we buy houses and flats in any condition and location throughout England and Wales. We have access to a substantial cash fund and we can buy your house with a timescale that suits you. Whatever your reason is for deciding to sell your house fast we can help.

How can National Property Buyers buy my house?

Most importantly we keep things simple. Rather than tie you up in unnecessary paperwork we are one of the few companies that buy houses in a fully transparent manner. We are trusted members of The Property Ombudsman and also adhere to Trading Standard’s Quick House Sale framework. All of this means that as UK property buyers we go out of our way to help you sell your house fast without worry.

Sell your house fast with our 60 second instant online cash offer.

Your search for companies to buy my house is made easy with our Free 60 second instant online cash offer. To sell your house fast simply enter your details into our site wherever you see the ‘Get Instant Cash Offer‘ button. Our system will do the rest. 

Alternatively, call one of our friendly team today on 0115 740 1900.

Please note that we do not currently buy property in Ireland or Scotland.

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“We wanted to drop a short line to say a big thank you to the team at National Property Buyers after such a smooth sale. Who would of believed that it was possible to sell a house in under four weeks”

Top rated house buying company in United Kingdom

Mr & Mrs Burton
Mr & Mrs Burton

“We realised that we didn’t have the time or money to refurbish a second property and you helped by buying our house from us fast. We just wanted to say a quick thank you and for helping us buying our property”

Top rated house buying company in United Kingdom

Mr & Mrs Brewin
Mr & Mrs Brewin

“National Property Buyers were very easy to deal with enabling me to sell my house in a fraction of the time it would have taken via an estate agent. There were no upfront fees and all of my legal costs were paid”

Top rated house buying company in United Kingdom

Mr Woods
Mr Woods

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Frequently Asked Questions
How fast can National Property Buyers buy my house?

As leading homebuyers we can help sell your property fast. We are one of just a handful of companies that buy houses in many cases in just 28 days. However, if this is too quick, we are also just as happy to work at a timescale to suit you. Our aim is to work with you to create the best outcome. To find out more simply visit our buy my house page.

Just how quickly can you get a cash offer to sell your house fast?

By simply completing our online form our system will produce an indicative offer within just 60 seconds. This will also be emailed to you immediately for easy reference in the future. What better way to research the possibility of selling your house fast to cash property buyers without obligation. Try it for yourself today by simply clicking here.

Are you able to buy my house so that I can rent it back from you?

Unfortunately we no longer offer a Sell and Rent Back option. Since the Financial Services Authority started regulating this market we along with many other companies that buy houses have found it very difficult to operate this service. To find out more about this please visit our Sell and Rent Back page here where we explain all.

Is it possible for property buyers to quickly stop repossession of my house?

Provided you have a minimum 20% equity in your property the answer is almost definitely Yes! Our property buyers go out of their way to help ensure we only purchase property when we think this is your best route for a quick house sale. If we feel that you could stop repossession without having to sell your house for cash we will say so straight away.