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House buying companies to help sell fast

House buying companies are the best way of selling your home quickly and stress free. They take away the hassle of traditional estate agents and offer a fast sale for your property. Why might you need to sell your property fast? Selling your property in a short space of time could be for a number [...]

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Cash property buyers – Five Top questions

Cash property buyers are often a great choice when you need to sell your house fast. Companies that buy houses will often offer a fast cash purchase and even pay your legal fees. A quick house sale is probably one of the reasons you would go to cash property buyers. However, you may not be [...]

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Repossession of house – What lenders do next

Before taking you to court for repossession of house, your mortgage lender must follow certain rules. The rules were introduced by the government to protect homeowners from over zealous lenders. For example, your lender is able to take you to court for repossession but must have discussed payment options with you first. Lenders’ duties before [...]

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Interest Only Mortgage Timebomb is Ticking

The ‘ticking timebomb’ of the interest only mortgage phenomenon is sparking worry all across Britain right now. Latest figures show that an astonishing 1.9 million homeowners are on interest only deals. This could spell trouble for some families as they are forced to sell their house once their current mortgage expires. Prior to the financial [...]

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Buy my house for cash – Which firms are best?

It is important to be careful when trying to decide which of the buy my house companies to work with. Although there are many firms who offer a genuine service, others are not everything they claim to be. Selling your property fast is without doubt a huge financial commitment. It is, therefore, an important process [...]

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How do companies buy property for cash?

Professional and trustworthy companies that buy houses can buy property for cash within just 7-28 days. Some companies claim they can have cash in your bank account within 24 hours, but this is highly unlikely. There are very few genuine companies out there who can promise such quick sales, so be cautious around bold claims. [...]

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We buy any house companies flourishing

We buy any house companies are flourishing, and it’s no surprise! For some, there are benefits in selling your property to a quick sale house company, rather than through traditional agents. But be warned. Not all companies who buy houses are concerned about being fair. However, there have been many changes in recent years which [...]

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Repossession Notice – Stopping an eviction

A repossession notice is not something any of us want to receive. But a sudden change in circumstances can lead to very real financial difficulties. The good new is that there are ways to stop repossession of your house. When a bailiff first visits, you’ll be given a letter and a form explaining the eviction [...]

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Could I buy my house for just £1?

Vendors searching for companies to buy my house for just £1 have been catching a lot of media attention recently. And at the same time, the Government has been introducing more interesting schemes which could benefit both communities and individuals. In essence, the idea behind being able to buy houses for only £1 is very [...]

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National Homebuyers – 10 years on

Ten years on from the 2007 financial crisis, national homebuyers are looking at a very different situation in the UK property market. Between 2007 and 2008, we faced what was described as ‘the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s’. Sounds dramatic? It was! One of Britain's largest mortgage lenders, Northern Rock [...]

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