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Who Buys Houses that are Inherited?

Selling a house is always stressful, but how do you find who buys houses that are inherited as a result of a deceased estate? When you inherit a property it is most likely after a passing of a loved one. This situation would already be an emotional and intense time in anybody’s life. Adding the [...]

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Sell My House Fast – How to Judge the Best Offer

Homeowners looking to sell my house fast would be forgiven for being confused when selling a property. In today’s housing market, achieving an offer on your property that’s equal to the asking price is something of a science. The value of a property is affected by a variety of factors, including location and condition. However, [...]

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National Homebuyers – Which can you trust?

With constant advertisements on the TV, National homebuyers are busier than ever. Providing promises of quick sales and cash in hand - who would turn the hassle-free process down? The convenience and quick nature of companies who buy houses has supported their growth in our fast paced society. But some of these companies are not [...]

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Companies who buy houses offer a faster sale

More and more people are choosing to sell their properties to companies who buy houses. Let's face it - we all know the stress that comes along with buying and selling properties, so why avoid the solution? Companies who buy houses provide an alternative route that rids of the inconvenience of traditional estate agents. There [...]

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Homebuyers of coastal property the happiest

The interest in coastal living has definitely grown for national homebuyers in recent years. The prospect of a healthier, fresh-air filled lifestyle and idyllic scenery has captured the eyes of the nation. Hunting for property outside of London has increased as families and first-time buyers search for affordable homes by the seaside.   Here's a [...]

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We Buy Any House firms to Help Landlords

Government changes to the UK tax system are driving more landlords to consider we buy any house firms when looking to sell tenanted property. Many understand they will not achieve the best price. But for some landlords this is seen as a more guaranteed route to secure a quick sale. This change is in stark [...]

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Lessons from Grenfell Tower – How to keep fire safe

The scale of the recent fire at Grenfell Tower in London has brought home the issue of fire safety for all. We now know the fire was initially started by an everyday fridge freezer. However, what is still being pieced together is the cause of the fire spreading so fast. How was a small electrical [...]

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UK house prices in 2017 – rising or falling?

It can be hard work trying to figure out what is going on with UK house prices. On the one hand we hear that prices are rising and on the other we hear they are falling. There seems to be a new story on this every day. And more often than not newspaper headlines are [...]

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We Buy Homes firm Help Sell in a Slow Market

Sellers concerned over a slowing UK housing market are now looking at the many we buy homes websites. And for good reason. Whilst house prices grew particularly well throughout 2014/16, the Summer months of 2017 are predicted to show a real slowdown. Instead of home buyers chasing every new house that comes on to the [...]

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Property Buyers in Wales – What do they pay?

Property Buyers in Wales vary enormously in what they will pay for a house or flat. The simple truth is that just like in any other walk of life, companies that buy houses operate differently. You only have to think for a moment about the firms that advertise on TV to buy your car quick. [...]

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