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Homebuyers of coastal property the happiest

The interest in coastal living has definitely grown for national homebuyers in recent years. The prospect of a healthier, fresh-air filled lifestyle and idyllic scenery has captured the eyes of the nation. Hunting for property outside of London has increased as families and first-time buyers search for affordable homes by the seaside.   Here's a [...]

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Lessons from Grenfell Tower – How to keep fire safe

The scale of the recent fire at Grenfell Tower in London has brought home the issue of fire safety for all. We now know the fire was initially started by an everyday fridge freezer. However, what is still being pieced together is the cause of the fire spreading so fast. How was a small electrical [...]

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How to get the best value selling your house

A number of TV programmes are devoted to telling you how to get the best value when selling your house. And by far the biggest thing they talk about is the need to create the best in interior home design. But why is this so important and does it really matter? The short answer is [...]

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