How much is my house worth?

There’s one question that matters most when you are selling your house: how much is my house worth? This crucial factor often decides whether the sale is worthwhile in the first place. It influences how and when you decide to sell your property. And also what happens in the next chapter in your life. As [...]

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House prices tipped to fall after Brexit

As house prices after Brexit are of real concern, the UK appears to be just days away from leaving the EU without a deal. What would a no-deal Brexit mean for house prices, including yours? Every day in the media, business leaders and financial experts voice worries about the impact of leaving without a deal. [...]

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How to Sell a House for Cash

If you've ever looked into how to sell a house for cash you'll know that this can take considerable time. But there are circumstances in which you can't wait as you need to sell your property fast. Some of these circumstances are unfortunate. You could be going through a divorce or separation, for instance. Or [...]

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Brexit uncertainty threatens house prices

Homeowners worried over Brexit uncertainty have plenty to think about right now. After all, selling a house fast in any market is never straightforward. Add in the complexities of Brexit and it’s easy to see why many are wondering what to do next. So what does this mean for you? The truth is uncertainty around [...]

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House Buying Companies to Help Homeowners

House buying companies are the best way of selling your home quickly and stress free. They take away the hassle of traditional estate agents and offer a fast sale for your property. Why might you need to sell your property fast? Selling your property in a short space of time could be for a number [...]

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House for Cash Sales – Five Top Questions

Propfessional homebuyers are often a great choice when you need to sell a house for cash. Companies that buy houses will often offer a fast cash purchase and even pay your legal fees. A quick house sale is probably one of the reasons you would go to cash property buyers. However, you may not be [...]

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Mortgage Repossession – What happens next

Before taking you to court for mortgage repossession, your lender must follow certain rules. The rules were introduced by the government to protect homeowners from over zealous lenders. For example, your lender is able to take you to court for repossession but must have discussed payment options with you first. Lenders’ duties before court action [...]

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Repossession of House – A ticking timebomb?

The ‘ticking timebomb’ of the repossession of a house is sparking worry for many cross Britain. Latest figures show that an astonishing 1.9 million homeowners are on interest only deals. This could spell trouble for some families as they are forced to sell their house once their current mortgage expires. Prior to the financial crisis, [...]

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Cash for Houses – Who pays the best?

Naturally it is important to be careful when looking for the firm that pays the best cash for houses. Although there are many firms who offer a great service, others are not everything they claim to be. Selling your property fast is without doubt a huge financial commitment. It is, therefore, an important process that [...]

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Cash Home Buyers can offer a Way Out

Professional and trustworthy cash home buyers often complete on sales in just 7-28 days. Some companies claim they can have cash in your bank account within 24 hours, but this is highly unlikely. There are very few genuine companies out there who can promise such quick sales, so be cautious around bold claims. The only [...]

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