Repossession of house – What lenders do next

Before taking you to court for repossession of house, your mortgage lender must follow certain rules. The rules were introduced by the government to protect homeowners from over zealous lenders. For example, your lender is able to take you to court for repossession but must have discussed payment options with you first. Lenders’ duties before [...]

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Repossession Notice – Stopping an eviction

A repossession notice is not something any of us want to receive. But a sudden change in circumstances can lead to very real financial difficulties. The good new is that there are ways to stop repossession of your house. When a bailiff first visits, you’ll be given a letter and a form explaining the eviction [...]

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Stop Repossession of your house today

One of the most stressful things any of us can face in life is the need to stop repossession. Often this stems from the concerns people have over the embarrassment of having to leave their home. Let's face it, nobody wants to be faced with neighbours watching a hurried rush with bailiffs standing by. More [...]

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