Home buying companies are flourishing

we buy any houseIt’s no surprise that home buying companies are flourishing. For some, there are benefits in selling your property to a quick sale house company, rather than through traditional agents. But be warned. Not all companies who buy houses are concerned about being fair. However, there have been many changes in recent years which focus on ensuring customers receive reasonable offers for their property.

As a result, all we buy any house companies must now follow a strict set of guidelines set up by Trading Standards. These newly implemented laws offer homeowners looking to sell a property fast additional peace of mind. You can sell through property buyers knowing you will be protected. If there are any concerns throughout the process, you can now contact the Property Redress Scheme for a review. The previously risky nature of selling to a property company who buys houses is fading more and more each day.

What’s so good about home buying companies?

Quick sale house companies can be just the tonic if you are looking to sell property fast. Fair prices, a hassle-free process and, most importantly, the short time scale are all positive factors. People often need to sell properties fast, but traditional agents can’t always deliver on this. Some common reasons behind wanting a speedy sale include:

  • Clearing debts or managing financial issues
  • Avoiding home repossession
  • Health or age reasons
  • Selling because of a relationship breakdown
  • Disposing of an inherited property
  • Relocating because of work / to emigrate
  • Selling fast when the traditional estate agent route failed

Quick sale property buyers VS Estate Agents

Regardless of the reason for wanting a quick sale, for many people the effort of selling via a traditional estate agent is too much. Finding property buyers can take time not to mention the additional hassles. Making the property look its best, open days, people trailing in and out; it all takes time and effort.

Many house buying companies provide a service which guarantees quick sales, regardless of the condition of the property. You don’t need to worry about making your property spotless, or about seeing strangers walk through your childhood home.

Fair prices and no waiting around

It’s no secret that selling to home buying companies will result in a lower offer than estate agents. However, at National Property Buyers we’re focused on providing the fairest offer for you as a customer. The two factors which will influence offers are condition and location of your property.

It isn’t unusual to see a sale with property buyers to go through within under a fortnight. In comparison with the average 6-9 months of a traditional sale, you’re potentially saving yourself over half a year of inconvenience.

Companies that buy houses are helping thousands of families who are in difficult positions selling their homes. The convenience the companies offer is unlike anything else, demonstrating exactly why they are flourishing.

At National Property Buyers we will buy your property quick, regardless of its condition. We focus on buying ethically, providing a fair service for you as a customer.

Want to find out more? Simply visit us online to get your Free and immediate offer for your property.

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