How much do National Property Buyers pay?

We are often asked how much do property buyers pay? Deciding to sell your house fast will generally result in a lower offer than you might otherwise expect from a sale via a traditional estate agent. At National Property Buyers we understand that you will be looking for the very best offer for your property and will do everything we can to provide you with the best terms available from any cash property buyer.  Ultimately our final offer will be based on two points – the location and condition of your property.

How much do house buying company pay?

Not all cash house buyers are the same.

Putting our cards on the table – We buy property using cash and sometimes use third party finance too

Today there are a wide range of firms that claim to be able to buy your property for cash but only a handful really can. Some firms claim that they buy all of their properties using cash only.

At National Property Buyers we do not make false claims. We have direct access to a substantial fund that ensures we are able to act as genuine cash buyers in most cases. However, there are times when we may obtain third party finance to fund a purchase. This simply increases our ability to buy property and should not cause you any concern. It makes good business sense to use several methods of funding as this reduces risk.

Should we decide to use third party finance to purchase your property we will make this clear from the outset so that you are fully aware of our position.

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