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S T E P  O N E

Complete our online application form

To receive an immediate, no-obligation offer from us all you have to do is complete our online form. When completing the form please be as accurate as possible as any information provided by you will directly affect the level of our offer. Once you have completed our online forms our system will produce an immediate cash offer for your property. This offer will be subject to survey and searches and is not legally binding. This is just the start of the process. Once you have received our offer one of our friendly team will call you to follow this up ensuring that you fully understand how we work and also answering any questions you may have.

If you prefer to discuss how to sell your house fast in person please feel free to call one of our team on 0115 740 1900

Property valuation and formal cash offer
S T E P  T W O

Formal valuation of your property

Provided our offer is of interest we will arrange a formal survey of your property via a Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors appointed valuer. At the same time we will also arrange two valuations of your property via local estate agents. We do this to ensure that all parties can reach an agreement on the open market value of your property. Having reached agreement we can then formalise our offer to you. Our friendly team will guide you on how to sell your house fast at each step of the procedure.

Instruct property solicitors to sell your house fast
S T E P  T H R E E

Formal offer and solicitors instructed

We will provide a formal offer to buy your property and at a timescale to suit you. Our offer will also confirm that we will pay all of your legal fees up to a maximum of £1000.00 should you use a solicitor from our recognised panel. You are free to appoint your own solicitor at your own cost and they will also help advise on how to sell your house fast. The legal process typically takes around two weeks but in certain circumstances can be completed quicker. Please note that you are not tied into completing upon the sale and you can still withdraw from the sale at any time prior to completion day and at no cost to you.

Property sales agreement and final completion of house sale
S T E P  F O U R

Exchange of contracts and completion of sale

Once both parties solicitors have completed their work you will be contacted to arrange a completion date for the sale. Your solicitor will finally advise you on how to sell your house fast in a compliant manner ensuring that you fully understand the terms of our offer. Provided you are happy your solicitor will set a completion date to suit you and the sale will complete in a timely manner with the minimum of fuss. Once completion has taken place your solicitor will forward you any balance of money direct to you.

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