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At National Property Buyers we understand that faced with the need to sell your property fast you want to be sure that you are making the right decision. Whatever your situation, we are able to offer a range of flexible solutions that allow you to sell your property and move on immediately. Once an agreement is in place to purchase your property we go out of our way to ensure the whole process runs as smooth as possible. The following examples are just some of the many reasons we hear from people looking to sell their property.

Reasons why people sell to us

Financial Difficulties? Let National Property Buyers help you by selling your house fast

Financial difficulties?

Are you struggling with financial difficulties? If so, we can help by arranging the sale of your property. This could enable you to settle all of your debts leaving you free to move on. Provided you have sufficient equity in your home you could end up with a lump sum on completion to spend as you wish. Ultimately we aim to help put you back in control of your finances.

Relocating? Sell your property fast to National Property Buyers

Relocation or emigration?

We can show you how National Property Buyers can help if you need to relocate quickly or are making plans to emigrate. Our service enables you to simply sell in just a few weeks to start a new life elsewhere. If you need longer to complete the sale simply let us know and we will put together a tailored solution to suit your needs.

Stop Repossession for your house with National Property Buyers

Stop repossession

If you have fallen behind with mortgage payments or secured loans and are in arrears facing the threat of repossession we may be able to help. Provided you have sufficient equity and we are able to make you an offer that would clear both your mortgage and all other secured loans you can then inform your lenders that you have sold your property and will be settling your accounts in just a few weeks. At the same time you could also pay off a number of unsecured loans provided there is sufficient equity in your property.

Getting separated? Sell your house fast

Divorce or separation?

When facing divorce or separation the last thing you want to be thinking about is the time it takes to sell your property. From our experience we know that any property sale via a traditional estate agent can take on average six months to complete. This will depend on the length of the property chain involved and the slowest party in the process. Let us show you how National Property Buyers can help arrange the sale of your property within just a few days enabling you to move on without these delays.

We can help in buying inherited property

Deceased estate

If you have recently inherited a property you may be feeling under some pressure to sell in a timely manner. Maybe the property is some distance away from your home and requires considerable and costly refurbishment. Whatever the situation, we can help by arranging the sale of your property at a pace that suits you.

Health Problems? Why not sell your property to National Property Buyers

Ill health

Our health is something that most of us take for granted. However, when we are met with a more serious illness this can have a devastating effect on many areas of our lives including our finances. We have helped many people overcome their financial difficulties due to ill health. We go out of our way to help ensure the sale of your property progresses as smoothly as possible.

Why not sell empty property for cash to National Property Buyers

Empty property

If you a landlord or homeowner with an empty property you will be aware of the very real costs of holding this including utility bills, Council Tax, buildings insurance to name just the everyday matters. Add to this the regular costs of maintenance and it really mounts up. We understand how worrying this can be and are on hand to show you just how simple it can be to sell your property for cash fast.

Victim of Failed Chain? We can help by buying your house

Failed chain

If you have recently fallen victim to a failed chain our team can show you how National Property Buyers can help by stepping in to a arrange fast purchase of your property. In certain circumstance we can buy property in as little as seven days and have experienced solicitors on hand to ensure a quick sale.

Tired of property maintenance? Sell property immediately to National Property Buyers

Tired property

If you have a property that requires substantial refurbishment but do not have the means to pay for this or simply do not want to spend the time putting together your own group of tradesmen and managing the works we can happily buy your property from you and then complete the works ourselves. We are no strangers to arranging this level of works and more than happy to buy your property ‘as seen’.

Reluctant Landlord? Sell your house fast

Reluctant landlord

If you are landlord and have grown tired of the growing list of Government regulations that mean having to continue investing in your property over and above your original plans we can help. We can take away all of the stresses involved in managing tenants and keeping up with all of the various changes in housing regulations.

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