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Stop Repossession of my house

We regularly hear from homeowners looking for a way to stop repossession including looking to sell and rent back their house. Google this as a phrase and you will find a large number of companies offering to buy your house fast for cash. But before taking the plunge it is worth taking your time as not all cash house buyers are the same.

Whatever your reason for selling your house fast it always pays to consider all of your options. For example if you are currently finding it difficult to meet your monthly mortgage payments despite having made payments regularly for some time, we would always recommend that you first talk with your existing lender to see if they will provide you with a ‘payment holiday’. This could be all you need to get you through a tight period and avoid the need to stop repossession.

Alternatively you could ask for a payment plan to be put in place to help you get back on your feet. Be careful not to simply bury your head in the sand hoping your problems go away. Whatever your situation, your first call of action should always be to talk with your lender first as they may just be able to help and take a lot of pressure away from you.

Why sell to National Property Buyers?

Because our business is all about being transparent as you look to sell your house fast. From our initial contact with you right up to the final day of completion we will be open and honest with you. We will share with you the results of our research into comparable prices for your property together with full details of the survey carried out by a Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors valuer. These two points alone will be the driving force behind our final offer and we think it is only fair that you should have a copy too. We will never charge you any fees or tie you into an unfair contract to sell your house fast. And finally, you are in full control as you are free to pull out of the sale of your property at any point up to completion day at no cost to yourself.

Selling your property fast to National Property Buyers is a simple and straightforward process thanks to the systems we have in place for ensuring a smooth and quick house sale.

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